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AdWords without doubt is a powerful marketing tool. It has some unique features and that is why accepted by millions of businesses. As any tool it has its strengths, weaknesses and application.

InWebsight Studios provides Google AdWords Campaign Management service

Very often we are asked what is better: Google AdWords or Search Engine Optimisation?
Below are some recommendations on that.

Use Google AdWords

  • To test the feasibility of Internet Marketing
  • When you need immediate results, SEO may take months
  • If the lifetime of your product is limited: seminar, sale, etc
  • If you need better control on specific geography: exclude or include regions

Use Search Engine Optimisation

  • If your monthly AdWords budget exceeds $300-$500
  • When you need a consistent traffic
  • When you are about to sell the business - well optimised site should add value

One of the weaknesses of Google AdWords is its built-in vulnerability to fraud. Your budget can be easily exhausted when your competitors click on your ads.

Content publishers whose pages display the ads are often keen to click. Fortunately Google is constantly enhancing its fraud detection methods, so the stream of direct fraud clicks is drying out.

Another problem with Google AdWords is limited number of keywords and the auction nature of positioning of the ads.
Very often it leads to the "war of keywords", when competitors drive the PPC beyond business sense.

We highly recommend using professional services to manage your Google AdWords Campaign.

That will ensure that you get more clicks for less, you spend more time working on your business, there will be no expensive mistakes and frustration.

Setting Google AdWords Campaign

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